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Justice and Democracy Emphasis

This is Political Science's newest emphasis. Through it we seek to encourage students to study the rich traditions of American democracy, as well as to reflect upon its antecedents and to contemplate its future. Students have the opportunity to study the related themes of justice and democracy across the sub-fields of Political Theory, Public Law, and American Government. 

Special Seminar Spring 2017: Is Democracy Just?

In this seminar, Professors Radasanu and Streb will provide a primer on issues in democratic theory. From Aristotle to current American politics, we will consider on what basis democracy promises to be a good and just regime type. We will discuss issues such as minority rights and the proper role of money in elections.

Course structure:
Class 1: Is democracy just?
Class 2 : Is American democracy just?
Class 3 : Does democracy threaten minority rights?
Class 4: Should the policy preferences of those who do not vote matter?
Class 5: Does money in elections compromise democracy?

Students in this course will receive the title Justice and Democracy Scholars, which comes with a monetary stipend and complimentary course books.

Please contact Dr. Andrea Radasanu for more information on how to secure a spot in this course (


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