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Brendon SwedlowBrendon Swedlow

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award Recipient

American Politics (Ideology, Values, Political Culture, Public Opinion); Public Law (Constitutional Law; Judicial Policy Making; Comparative Law & Courts; Comparative Environmental, Health, & Safety Regulation); Public Policy (Policy Theory, Policy Process Theory, Environmental & Health Policy, Comparative Public Policy, Science & Technology Policy); Politics of Science

Zulauf Hall 107
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Overview of Scholarly Activity

Brendon Swedlow (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley; J.D., University of California, Hastings) is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science, a faculty associate of the College of Law, and a founding faculty associate of the Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy. His research is directed toward developing theory, concepts, methods, and evidence that advance the study of American politics, public law, public policy, and the politics of science. Dr. Swedlow is a research associate of the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation at the London School of Economics and Political Science, a former fellow of the Center for Governance at the University of California, Los Angeles, and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Environmental Solutions at Duke University. He teaches an introduction to law and courts, constitutional law, judicial policymaking, comparative legal institutions, and the politics of environmental, health, and safety regulation. Graduate and undergraduate students taking these courses have the opportunity to participate in Dr. Swedlow’s research. He has won campus-wide teaching and advising awards.

Selected Publications

"Judicial Contributions to US National Policy Change since 1945,"  (with M. Grossmann), Journal of Law and Courts, 2015  

"Advancing Policy Theory with Cultural Theory:  An Introduction to the Special Issue," The Policy Studies Journal, 2014

“Policy Advocacy Coalitions as Causes of Policy Change in China? Assessing Evidence from Contemporary Environmental Politics,” (with H. Han and D. Unger), Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 2014

“Better Ways to Study Regulatory Elephants,” (with J.B. Wiener, J.K. Hammitt, M. Rogers, and P. Sand), European Journal of Risk Regulation, 2013

"Cultural Coproduction of Four States of Knowledge," Science, Technology, & Human Values, 2012

Editor’s Introduction: Cultural Theory’s Contributions to Political Science,” PS: Political Science & Politics, [symposium on A Cultural Theory of Politics], 2011

Cultural Surprises as Sources of Sudden, Big Policy Change,” PS: Political Science & Politics, [in symposium on A Cultural Theory of Politics], 2011

A Quantitative Comparison of Relative Precaution in the United States and Europe, 1970-2004” (with D. Kall, Z. Zhou, J. K. Hammitt, and J. B. Wiener), in The Reality of Precaution: Comparing Risk Regulation in the United States and Europe, Jonathan B. Wiener, Michael D. Rogers, James K. Hammitt, and Peter H. Sand, eds., Resources for the Future Press, 2011

Reason for Hope?  The Spotted Owl Injunctions and Policy Change,” Law & Social Inquiry, 2009

Value Preferences and Ideological Structuring of Attitudes in American Public Opinion” (with M. Wyckoff), American Politics Research, 2009

Theorizing and Generalizing about Risk Assessment and Regulation through Comparative Nested Analysis of Representative Cases” (with D. Kall, Z. Zhou, J. K. Hammitt, and J. B. Wiener), Law & Policy, 2009

"Beyond Liberal and Conservative: Two-Dimensional Conceptions of Ideology and the Structure of Political Attitudes and Values," Journal of Political Ideologies, 2008

"Using the Boundaries of Science to do Boundary-work among Scientists: Pollution and Purity Claims," Science and Public Policy, 2007

"Editor’s Introduction" to Aaron Wildavsky, Cultural Analysis: Politics, Public Law, & Administration, Brendon Swedlow, ed., Transaction Publishers, 2006

"Precautionary Regulation in Europe and the United States: A Quantitative Comparison" (with J. K. Hammitt, J. B. Wiener, D. Kall, and Z. Zhou), Risk Analysis, 2005

"Scientists, Judges, and Spotted Owls: Policymakers in the Pacific Northwest" Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum, 2003

"Toward Cultural Analysis in Policy Analysis: Picking Up Where Aaron Wildavsky Left Off," Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 2002

"Postscript: Aaron Wildavsky, Cultural Theory, and Budgeting," in Aaron Wildavsky, Budgeting and Governing, Brendon Swedlow, ed., Transaction Publishers, 2001